Commitment and Tuition


"When my partner asked me to consider the PLA academy, I had a hard time justifying the time commitment. While I knew there was value in the training (witnessed by graduates) I just couldn't imagine how I would 'fit it in', but after the first meeting and weekend conference, I was hooked. I thoroughly enjoyed all the sessions and with each one, I knew that I was in the right place and this would be time well spent. I would recommend the academy to any physician leader in this community. Carol Greco, MD, Kingsdale Gynecologic Associates

"The PLA was a wonderful experience. The topics and conversation helped to facilitate both personal and professional growth. Initially I was apprehensive that meetings would feel like 'something I had to do' but I quickly realized that this was 'something that I got to do'." John Ryan, MD, Central Ohio Primary Care (COPC)



Academy program participants are asked to examine the following time commitment before making application to the program.


(September – June) - Monthly seminars typically take place on the second Thursday of each month. Seminars will begin at 3:00 PM and end promptly at 8:00 PM.


(October and April) - Weekend retreats are opportunities to examine the breadth and depth of a subject. It is also an opportunity to build the fellowship between and among Academy participants. Weekend retreats will begin on Friday morning and will conclude by 3:00 PM on Sunday. The Fall Retreat is a residential retreat. The Spring Retreat will conclude each afternoon and begin again in the morning.


Executive Coaching is a unique opportunity for the Academy participant to work on their self-identified leadership goals. Number and length of sessions are negotiated between the Academy participant and his /her coach. Generally speaking Executive Coaching sessions are between 45-60 minutes each. All Academy participants are responsible to have at least one session with their coach.


Leaders lead best when they have personal practices. Personal practice is an ongoing, consistent behavior that provides space for reflection. This could mean many things, such as journaling, walking, physical exercise, etc. At PLA, meditation is taught and an ongoing practice occurs though out the 10-month training.


The Physicians Leadership Academy is being evaluated for purposes of program improvement and individual satisfaction. From time to time Academy Evaluators may ask Academy participants to complete certain exercises or activities. Program participants are encouraged to cooperate with all evaluation efforts.



Includes materials, assessments, meals, lodging and other program related expenses.