Physician Leadership Academy Outcomes

The physician as person and healer:

Participants will experience a greater sense of calm and self confidence especially when faced with chaotic situations by learning and practicing stillness techniques.
 Participants will feel more confidence in their decision making because they will understand them in the context of the systems they are working in.  (Systems thinking)
Participants will feel more confidence in articulating their decisions because of the stillness practices and the systems thinking.
Participants will experience their preferred work/life balance because of their executive coaching and stillness practice.
Participants will become personally healthier as a result of working their personal leadership plan and in turn will be more powerful healers with their patients and colleagues.

The physician as practitioner:

The participant will become more patient-centric because they will apply broader systems thinking (whole person thinking) in the diagnosis and treatment of patients.
The participant will communicate more effectively with the patient and collaborate with others more in the treatment of the patient as a result of learning effective forms and levels of communication.
The participant will become a better listener to patients and others by participating in various listening exercises.
The participant will be more present in their time with their patients by practicing stillness techniques.
The participant will seek the advice of other professionals more readily because of the self confidence they develop through their learning about themselves.

The physician and the health care system they belong to:

The participant will confidently and competently lead meetings that achieve results by utilizing the collective intelligence of all participants.
The participant will be more creative in solving problems through design and systems thinking.
The participant will help to create more sustainable and life affirming solutions by learning to work from “source”within themselves and with others.
The participant will help to create more future oriented solutions by learning to work effectively with emergence.
The participant will experience more confidence and competence in fiscal decision making as a result of learning how to read and utilize fiscal reporting and understanding health care financing. 
The participant will help to lead more patient-centric systems of care because of all of the above.

The physician and the broader community:

The participant will better understand their role in the community and in the health care system and as a result will be better able to leverage their strengths for the betterment of all through the experience of this entire curriculum and through their experience with an executive coach.
The participant will better understand the effect that the community has on the patient and themselves and will work for a more life affirming community through their broad understanding of systems thinking.
The participant will effectively advocate for laws and policies that are more life affirming based on all of the above experiences.
The participant will understand the importance of the quality of dying as an integral part for living because they will understand death as a part of the whole.