What makes PLA Different?

What Makes PLA Different?

1. The Academy focuses its resources in three primary areas: 

Emotional Intelligence
Focus is to increase the participant’s emotional self-awareness, emotional self-control, adaptability, positive outlook, and achievement orientation.

Cognitive Capacity

Focus is on increasing the participant’s knowledge of healthcare systems, planning, legal issues, public policy and their ability to do “systems” thinking and recognize patterns.
Social Intelligence
Focus is to increase the participant’s ability to empathize, show compassion, listen to understand, influence and show inspirational leadership.

Each area works on the physician’s awareness of self, of others and of systems (primarily healthcare) and the program is designed to work through these areas individually and collectively. 

2. Seminar topics over the 10-month period are designed to incorporate who you are as a person with who you are as a leader.

3. Mindfulness Meditation Practice

At the same time that this innovative content is being taught, fellows learn mindfulness meditation. Upon starting out, fellows often believe that this part of the program might be the least important or desirable, only to conclude that this was actually the most important aspect of the program. The benefits of mindfulness meditation are many but learning to be kind to yourself is at the core. When we learn to be kind to ourselves that translates to kindness to family, patients, co-workers and then becomes part of your leadership style.

4. Executive Coaching

Each PLA Fellow is matched with an Executive coach that will help the student connect their learning at the PLA with their own life and circumstances. Your coach will be your one-on-one contact for deciding what your leadership learning priorities are, making meaning of what is taught in the PLA, how to integrate that learning into your work and supporting your overall growth as a leader. Your coach will be available to you throughout the 10 months of the program and your schedule of meetings will be negotiated between you and your coach.Please click here to meet the coaching and faculty staff.

The PLA is an initiative of the Columbus Medical Association Foundation and supported by the Columbus Foundation.

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Classes begin in the fall and will include 20-25 physicians. Applicants are being accepted currently.


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