Why is mindfulness meditation incorporated into the PLA curriculum?
"The quality of the intervention is directly related to the quality of the interiority of the intervenor." (Bill O'Brien, former head of Hanover Insurance) This is true for leadership as well.   Mindfulness Meditation is a vehicle for leaders to learn to work with their mind and support their mind as an ally in all the work they do.  Effective leaders have personal practices that support contemplation in their role and we teach mindfulness meditation as one of the more effective personal practices.

How much homework is there?
There is no homework assigned, but we make available as much reading as the PLA fellows are interested in consuming.

How much time does this really take?
If all you did was come to seminars and retreats it would add up to 15 eight hour days.  A PLA fellow should count on adding anywhere from 5 to 10 hours for coaching sessions.

Is there a project?
No, not at this time.

Do I need to come to every session?
This sessions are quite rich and fellows will want to be there.  However, participants are adults and have to make those decisions.

What happens after the 10 months are over?
After 10 moths, the PLA graduates become part of the PLA Alumni Community of Practice. This group continues to meet four times a year to continue to learning and supporting each other. Participation is voluntary, but greatly enjoyed by those that participate.