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Breathing Life Into a Dying System: Recreating Healthcare from Within
By Katrin Kaeufer, Claus Otto Scharmer & Ursula Versteegen

The Neurobiology of "We"
Patty deLlosa

Baldwin, Christina
Calling the Circle - The First and Future Culture
Storycatcher - Making Sense of Our Lives through the Power and Practice of Story 

Brown, Juanita and David Isaacs & the World Cafe' Community
The World Cafe' - Shaping Our Futures Through Conversations That Matter

Corrigan, Chris
The Tao of Holding Space
Open Space Technology - A User's Non-Guide (with Michael Herman)

Cooperrider, David and Srivastva (2000)
Appreciative Inquiry: Rethinking Human Organization Toward a Postive Theory of Change

Owen, Harrison
Open Space Technology - A Users Guide
Expanding our now - The Story of Open Space Technology
The Spirit of Leadership - Liberating the Leader in Each of Us

Holman, Peggy (Editor), Tom Devane (Editor)
The Change Handbook

Isaacs, William
Dialogue and the art of thinking together

Kahane, Adam
Power and Love
Solving Tough Problems
Collaborating with the Enemy: How to Work with People you Don't Agree With or Like or Trust

Kaner, Same et. al.

The Facilitator's Guide to Participatory Decision Making

Pinnington, Elizabeth
Distinguishing Ego In Order To Work From Connection (September 26, 2016)




TheFifthDisciplineFieldBook (with Ross,Smith, Roberts and Kleiner)
The Art and Practice of The Learning Organization
The Dance of Change (with Art Kleiner, Charlotte Roberts)

Wenger, Etienne (Communities of Practice)
Cultivating Communities of Practice: A Guide to Managing Knowledge (with Richard McDermott and William Snyder)
Communities of Practice: the Organisational Frontier. Harvard Business Review. January-February 2000pp 139-145 (with William Snyder)
Knowledge Management is a Donut: Shaping your Knowledge Strategy with Communities of Practice. Ivey Business Journal, January 2004.
Supporting Communities of Practice: a Survey of Community-Oriented Technologies. 2001
Communities of practice: Learning, Meaning, and Identity. Cambridge University Press, 1998
Learning for a Small Planet: a Research Agenda 2004

Wheatley, Margaret J.
Leadership and the New Science
Turning to One Another
Finding Our Now
A Simpler Way 
(wtih Myron Kellner-Rogers)

Whitney, Dianna and Trosten-Bloom, A.
The Power of Appreciative Inquiry: a Practical Guide to Positive Change

Theory U - Executive Summary
An executive summary of the new book by Otto Scharmer 
Theory U: Leading from the Future as It Emerges

Innovation As Learning Process
Innovation as a Learning Process: Embedding Design Thinking (co-created by many art of hosting stewards) - An online conversation and knowledge space, with a separate Art of Hosting section.