Physicians Leadership Academy (Class of 2018/19) - Understanding and Making Sense of Data & The Powe

When:  May 2, 2019 from 3:00 PM to 8:00 PM (ET)
Associated with  PLA Community Forum
The healthcare industry has never seen the degree of change it has in the last 5 years.  As a result of the Affordable Care Act and President Obama’s approach to incentivizing cost management for healthcare, health systems have had to become smarter and leaner about data management.  The volume to value transition requires deeper insights into quality gaps and cost opportunities.  The space of healthcare analytics has grown exponentially as a result.  Now more than ever, health systems are looking for physicians who can drive the value agenda and navigate the technology infrastructure to support a new healthcare paradigm.  In this seminar, you will learn the basics of data management; technology used to support quality initiatives and cost improvement efforts; and how health systems operationalize these efforts.

 “Advocacy” is not a new tool for the physician leader. Most physicians have spent hours on the phone with insurance providers pleading for needed medications and/or procedures for their patients. Although this form of advocacy is unfortunately needed, there is a larger component of advocacy that requires skills to influence large groups of people, especially “power brokers” that may lead to changes in policies and practices on the organizational level as well as the State and National Level.

 This session will introduce participants to the concept of “Social Capital”, the premise that social networks have value and how the collective use of these networks can influence them to do together things they could not achieve alone. It recommends strategies to assess their social networks and provide skills and tools to influence others to advocate for change on the policy level.

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