Our Story

Our Story

PLA_Questions.gifOpen Enrollment of the 2020/2021 class begins February 1, 2020.

Today’s healthcare environment is so volatile, so complex, it’s no wonder many physicians are in survival mode. Despite your best efforts and accomplishments, you may still feel frustrated, unfulfilled (and maybe a little isolated).

You’re not alone. Many doctors feel this way.

Which is precisely why the Physicians Leadership Academy exists today. We could see that doctors were feeling marginalized and dis-empowered, so we decided to do something about it.

In 2012, a group of local physicians and health professionals came together to address these problems. After conducting 50 in-depth interviews with area physicians, the group determined that doctors needed to increase their leadership capacities in three key areas:

1) emotional intelligence
2) social intelligence, and
3) cognitive capacity

The CMA Foundation provided a planning grant to develop a strategy for improving these capacities. An advisory group of physicians and community experts began developing a course and, in September of 2014, the Physicians Leadership Academy enrolled its first participants. The class of 17 doctors represented a variety of backgrounds and specialties.

At the PLA, we’re committed to helping you discover that “something more” and step into the career and life you really want. For us, it’s an investment in our central Ohio medical community. For you, it’s an investment in your career, your practice, your health and your life.

Don’t just survive – thrive.