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Sanity Beyond the Circle
February 11th 6-8pm

What is Sanity Beyond the Circle?
During the Alumni Retreat in Nova Scotia this fall, we had open space for 1 1/2 days.  Many sessions were held with one being a session called "What is Sanity beyond the Circle". It was attended by five of the fifteen alumni. The harvest of that session was shared with the other attendees and there was consensus that this was an important question to be explored by a gathering of the whole PLA Alumni group.This morphed into, does the PLA Alumni have a responsibility to address this issue in our community?

All PLA Alumni & current class members are invited, and encouraged, to attend. Dinner will be provided and there will be a social part of the evening. RSVP to Diane May, Administrative Co-Director, at If you have any questions, you may contact Phil Cass, PhD, at or (614) 595-5152.

Cultural Competency Beyond the Destination
March 4th 3-8pm
More details soon!

Nova Scotia Retreat 
September 18-21

**For more details, contact Diane May.