Roberto Benzo, MD

Why PLA?
It is very meaningful to me to have the opportunity to share with colleagues in the PLA my journey of finding purpose and meaning in my life (as a health care provider and as a human being, all together.

I am a practicing pulmonologist and behavioral researcher, director of the Mindful Breathing Lab at Mayo Clinic. My research interests are in Rehabilitation, Mindfulness, and Behavioral Interventions to improve patients’ quality of life and clinically significant outcomes in chronic disease. My current funding is focused on Chronic Disease Care, Behavioral Interventions, and Outcomes Research (SBIR and R01s). I am particularly interested in behavioral interventions particularly health coaching, pulmonary rehabilitation, and mindfulness that could promote meaning in life and the wellbeing of all people with a special interest in my patients, colleague professionals, and athletes.

On a personal note, I love yoga, meditation, and sports.