Phil Cass, PhD

Phil Cass, PhD | Curriculum & Evaluation Co-Director


In his work as CEO, he is responsible for strategic direction, operations management, human resources management, policy development, government relations, and community relations. As a college-level instructor, he has developed a curriculum for and provided instruction in the area of leadership, which is his passion. He has provided hosting/facilitation and training for numerous organizations locally and internationally and has served on many Boards of community organizations.

For the past 13 years, he has worked to develop a corporate culture of participatory leadership within the organizations where he is CEO. This real-world experience in developing a unique corporate culture serves to inform the hosting, facilitation, training, and consulting he does with other organizations. He enjoys working with the executive leadership of organizations to support them in developing organizational cultures that help their organizations thrive and that also support their staffs to realize their highest possibilities.

Meditation, the use of intentional dialogue, leading strategic change initiatives, and teaching are all areas of keen interest to him.

He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Biology from Kenyon College, a Master’s degree in Counseling and Guidance from Fairfield University, and a Ph.D. in Counseling and Guidance from The Ohio State University. He lives with his wife Laura and is a proud father, stepfather, and grandfather, all of whom are the loves of his life.