Jim Drescher


Why PLA?

I am honoured to serve as a faculty member for the PLA. The work physicians do, and the services they offer to society, go beyond what is reasonable. At the same time, caring for others can sometimes lead to ignoring self-care and turning away the care being offered by others.  

My role in the PLA, along with Janice, is to encourage mindfulness-awareness practice as a foundation for a healthy balanced life, for leadership based on connecting and caring, and for enjoying the beauty of delightful humor.


Jim has been involved in forest stewardship for over 50 years. His grandmother was his first teacher in the love of nature and care for all beings, including plants, animals, and rocks. Later he learned forestry from his father on their family homestead and then from other forest teachers, including Orrie Loucks and Merve Wilkinson. His deepest inspiration came from his relationship with meditation master Chogyam Trungpa, who taught him the profundity of earth stewardship.

As the business manager of Windhorse Farm, Jim has decades of experience integrating vision and practicality.  Jim is also a skilled nature-based teacher and facilitator. His principle interests are in the enrichment of the lives of individuals and organizations, particularly through seeing nature as a mirror of mind and ecosystems as a natural metaphor for healthy human communities.