Marc Parnes, MD

Marc Parnes, MD | PLA President


I have been a practitioner and steward of the Art of Hosting Conversations that Matter since my exposure and training in this process in 2005. I saw immediately how this practice could sharpen my interactions with my patients, making me more effective in the art of healing. It also increased my desire to be more effective in engaging in committee and group processes. This was something that was missing from my medical school curriculum. The opportunity to be able to expose the physicians of the PLA to this process, and to do so with two of my favorite people, Phil Cass and Tuesday Ryan-Hart, has been especially rewarding. The Fall retreat on the Art of Hosting has been, for the last five years, a labor of love.

Two-thirds of our population, in their day-to-day lives, do not have conversations around money. For physicians, not having an understanding of their relationship with money, compounds the complexity of our current healthcare system. Physicians make treatment recommendations that impact both personal finances as well as impact the economics of the larger healthcare system. I grew up the son of an economist. From early on in my life I was exposed to conversations around money. My interest in teaching the PLA module on economics and finance has been with the desire to open up the exploration of our relationship with money. Just as we physicians need to be introspective to our leadership styles and abilities, we need to understand our relationship with this instrument that is an integral part of our lives. This PLA module is a chance to do so while getting a glimpse of the economics of our current healthcare system.