Marc Parnes, MD

Marc Parnes, MD/PLA President


Along with all of the current PLA Board members, I was a member of the Advisory Committee to the PLA. We were the co-creators of the PLA. We believed that the PLA could give physicians an education in leadership that focused on introspection, mindful practices, with exposure to some of the cutting edge participants in leadership from our community as well as from distant communities. This was an exciting prospect to me. Physicians do not typically have the opportunity to be exposed to this aspect of education, having to focus their time and energy on learning the complexity of the human body. We recognize that in order for physicians to be able to find balance in the highly stressful practice of medicine and in order for them to have the skills necessary to be an effective part of the larger discussion of healthcare, they need a broadening of their experience in these arenas. I find it personally fulfilling to be a part of the organization that is able to accomplish this task.