What Makes PLA Different

What Makes PLA Different?

Unlike many leadership courses, the Physicians Leadership Academy is not a management course. Rather, it is a holistic approach aimed at improving physicians’ leadership capacities through emotional and social intelligence, as well as cutting edge leadership mental models.

Through the PLA’s sessions, you’ll learn to think, relate, and interact with others like never before – from globally recognized, field-expert faculty – alongside a cohort of twenty local peer physicians who are as eager for breakthrough as you are. Leadership_Definition.jpg

The PLA has helped more than 70 local physicians just like you to develop breakthrough strategies to:

• Build true physician presence and make your voice heard
• Connect with a thriving community of peer physicians
• Discover “something more” at work and in life

Each PLA student is matched with an executive coach who helps guide them through their own life and circumstances, making the most of what is taught in the PLA. Your coach will be your one-on-one contact for deciding what your leadership learning priorities are; showing you how to integrate that learning into your work and supporting your overall growth as a leader.

The cost of this program has been underwritten by the CMA Foundation, making it an unprecedented value to you. For more information about the program’s cost, click here.

Learn more from Phil Cass, PhD, Curriculum & Evaluation Director

In this video, Dr. Phil Cass walks through the PLA's focus and curriculum. He explains how the course is equipping physicians with the skills needed to affect change, both within their practices and in their daily lives.