Relaxation & Meditation Exercises

Provided by:

The Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Program at OhioHealth 


Tense-Release-Breath (Sitting or Lying Down; 14 minutes)
A guided movement thru the body of tensing and releasing muscle groups inviting relaxation. Includes breath awareness in various parts of the body.


Breathing the Body (Lying down; 15 minutes)

Offers a deep awareness of the full body response to breathing. Invites sensory awareness and relaxation.


Body Sweep & Relaxation (Sitting; 10 minutes)

Instructions for sitting posture. A deep body sweep with invitation to notice sensations, tension and offering a "healing attention'.


Sitting Meditation (Sitting; 12 minutes)
A beginning sitting meditation practice. Instructions for posture, breath awareness and working with distractions.




Mindful Movement/Yoga (Standing and floor postures; 30 minutes)
Instruction for easy and mindful standing and floor yoga postures. Opening and softening the body. Enhanced body awareness.



"Yes" Practice (Sitting; 10 minutes)
A meditative awareness practice of working with "no" and "yes" response to our experience in any given moment.

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